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Leavin’ You

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Leavin' You

Single • 2022


A breakout country artist with genuine charm, Garrett Gregory will take you to a whole new level of “entertained”.

When he’s not on stage singing his heart out, you can find him volunteering at the SPCA or singing to his own two cats at home. Don’t be fooled though, this vocal shredding cat dad puts his own spin on what he likes about country music and then rubs it in dirt.

Dallas Smith, Chris Daughtry and Patrick Droney are among the few artists that inspire him to do what he loves, how he loves it. His unique brand of entertainment fuses a tight, high energy sound with a wildly driving show that will leave you wanting more.

Hailed as ‘ Hanna’s Second best country band’ by Nickelback, Gregory is currently working on his debut self titled album to release May 27th 2023




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